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Travertine Polish Floors

Keep your stone surfaces looking brand new with expert cleaning and polishing, here at Granite Tile Stone.

Expert Travertine Polish Floors

Travertine Floors can accumulate dust and grime because of their porous nature, while acidic substances like coffee, juice, or wine can dull the look of the flooring. We offer services to clean and polish the travertine floors, to restore its shine. 

Travertine needs to be cleaned and polished with a travertine specific polishing compound, as using soap can clog the porous surface. 

Deep-cleaning is essential before polishing the travertine, in order to remove the build-up of wax and first. 

Using a steam cleaner helps give the travertine a deep clean, by breaking down any residual grime left over from the first deep-clean. 

Any imperfections like cracks, chips, and other imperfections are patched up using epoxy or grout. 

Polishing and sealing the travertine are the final steps to enjoy your beautiful flooring once again. 

As a long and exhausting process, let us do the job with the right products and the right equipment. Give us a call at (254) 644-5362.

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